When Derryn Hinch has a hunch then all sane thinking people had better watch out because anything can be said and anybody’s reputation can be sullied.

Is Derryn Hunch the stupidest person in the Australian media.

A rhetorical question I know, but given his outpouring about the death of Graham Kennedy, its a tragic end to a career where he’s done some tough reporting. And also silliest, with this the silliest of them all.

He’s a fool and he’s been caught out badly with his idiotic claim that Kennedy died of AIDS (or his ‘belief’). He had no proof and on A Current Affair on the Nine Network last night Ray Martin carved him up.

You see Ray had the results of the aids test from the Kenilworth Nursing Home in Bowral conducted last week.

Ray said the test results showed “no HIV antigens, no HIV antibodies”.

Wrong Derryn, Wrong, Wrong.

But the beared blusterer was not to be deterred, saying “just wait till tomorrow” when he speaks to Kennedy’s former lover.

Well, unless that lover has a much more current test result showing that Kennedy was infected with the HIV virus, the beared grub, continued to be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Hinch said he didn’t have a copy of the test results and asked Ray to fax it to him. An amazing admission, but one in keeping with Hinch’s shoot the top of his head style of journalism.

Here’s a story from today’s Australian by Graeme Blundell, Kennedy’s biographer, with the test certificate.

So Ray said he would send a copy of the certificate to Derryn.

But there he was on the ABC radio AM program Friday morning denying the test results, blustering and bumbling his way through the truth with his own peculiar version of the story.

Time I think for Derryn to be tested for Senility or Stupidity NervosaIa blind inability to see the truth

Eating that certificate would make fine TV today but unfortunately the country will be transfixed by Schapelle Corby.

And so will Hinch who will be off on his ‘Corby is guilty’ gig.

How he can say conclusively that she is guilty, when he can say Kennedy died of AIDS for a lack of evidence and test results, is only known to his multiple personalities.

So who will Derryn Hinch be later today: the fearless exposer of truth or the person who eats humble pie?

Judging from his slightly stunned interview on AM this morning, it will be the bearded bumbler at the 3AW microphone.