The media bunfight in the leadup to the Corby verdict tomorrow is well
and truly underway with Aussie TV types with jostling between the Nine
and Seven networks for the best positions and a leg up in their

Both networks have sent their armies into Bali, promising comprehensive coverage of the verdict.

But the intense jostling upset both sides as well as the local media which apparently has been reporting on it today.

Among the shenanigans an Australian media source says Seven have set up
platforms around the court taking control of key vantage points and
apparently getting Nine and local camera crews’ noses out of joint.

Seven have apparently made separate arrangements for government permits to set up, the source says.

A fiery meeting yesterday between media reps and the chief magistrate
in the Corby case initially banned cameras from the courtroom, before a
second meeting saw a backflip, with a pool arrangement set up allowing
a Nine camera in the courtroom and a Seven camera outside a court
window looking in.

“The way things work here, this could all change tomorrow,” the source told B&T.
“At the moment the arrangement is that media representatives wanting to
access the court have to provide a copy of their passport and visa to
get in.”