It was Rebecca Wilson’s propensity to shoot her mouth off that has cost her a place on the NRL Footy Show, following an interview in the ACP-owned Bulletin magazine this week.

So it’s now back to AFL Lovematch on Foxtel and her twice-a-weekend Telegraph columns after she was dumped from Footy Show yesterday. She lasted a week in the spotlight at Nine after management’s attempts to impose her on the Footy Show over the objections of the primping hosts, Paul Vautin and Peter Sterling.

They swallowed their pride, after being ordered to by Nine management, although last Thursday night’s show at times resembled some dark and frosty night near the South Pole.

The story is best explained by the SMHhere, while The Australian’sMedia section swallowed the Rebecca Wilson story lock stock and barrel, without any scepticism. Reporter Sally Jackson turned her into a martyr without asking why she told the Bulletin things about football that should have been reported years ago – s[ecifically the claim that Vautin exposed himself deliberately in football dressing rooms when she was a young reporter. He went ballistic, as did Sterling who was also mentioned in dispatches.

Wilson has had years to make these claims, so why make them now except to antagonise Vautin, Sterling and Nine – and get herself fired from the Footy Show in the process?