AFL clubs are increasingly taking a
leaf out of boxing’s first rule of promotion – talk up your next fight.
In boxing that usually means trash talking your opponent. And while AFL
coaches used to tie themselves in knots to avoid angering their
opponents, it seems clubs are now so fixated on the bottom line that
they’re prepared to pay the price.

So it was hardly surprising
to learn that according to the Brisbane Lions’ Brad Scott his players
have Kangaroos skipper Adam Simpson in their sights ahead of their
clash at the Gabba this weekend. The Kangaroos are one of the worst
drawing AFL teams, so there’s nothing like a little pre-game bust-up to
talk up the game.

Yesterday Scott delivered his sales pitch, which claimed his team mates
hadn’t forgotten Simpson’s supposedly hurtful remarks earlier in the
season when he had dared to claim the Lions hadn’t respected Hawthorn
before their 46-point loss to the Hawks at the MCG in round four.

can tell you a lot of guys have been looking forward to this game for a
long time and we are looking forward to welcoming him (Simpson) to the
Gabba again,” Scott said. He then made it clear that while previously
Simpson had been a respected foe, his uncharitable comments had now
raised the ire of his club. Read into that what you will.