The Nostalgia Network is going back to the future for its latest programming idea. From the gang that bought viewers Sale of the Century/Temptation comes Money, once again.

Yes, Nine is dredging through the cupboard of “well-rested” programs to see if they can be brought back to life. But we understand they won’t be reaching back to the 90s to snatch Paul Clitheroe from his multi-million dollar semi retirement. The word is out around Sydney financial reporting and acting circles that the crew at Nostalgic Nine are searching for new talent to staff the old warhorse, now termed a “consumer finance show.”

Money was canned by Nine’s old management because it collapsed in the ratings after about five or six seasons when it ran out of ideas. Money is essentially mortgages, shares, property, superannuation, insurance and a mixture of variations on these themes. Money did financial makeovers which were absorbed into A Current Affair, along with Clitheroe, so they will not make the new program any more interesting.

ACP has been publishing Money magazine for around a decade and its circulation has been a steady slider. Perhaps there’ll be a stronger tie-in to try and save Money magazine and drive extra revenue for Nine.