The human headline is at it again.
Not content with playing the contrarian in the Schapelle Corby case and
outing David Hookes as a philanderer, Melbourne talkback king Derryn
Hinch has now taken it on himself to out Graham Kennedy. Hinch went on
air yesterday and announced that Graham Kennedy, Australia’s greatest
ever TV comedian, was a poof – and today he says he will tell his
listeners that Kennedy really died from AIDS.

Hinch told
Crikey today that the only reason he didn’t out Kennedy while he was
alive is because of Australia’s draconian libel laws and “all we owe
the dead is the truth.”
He said: “I talked to his ex-boyfriend,
Rob Astbury, in Thailand. I think that you just tell the truth. And
this afternoon I’ll say at 4pm that he died of AIDS. He died of
pneumonia, caused by AIDS. Graeme Blundell (Graham Kennedy’s
biographer) will be on my program.”

But why make a big deal of
it now? Do we really need to know how he died? “It news. He was a
famous person,” says Hinch. “I’m not homophobic. I wouldn’t care if
people say when I die that I’m a heterosexual – it’s true. It’s no big
deal if you tell the truth. This is the truth, I’m a journalist and I
tell the truth. Jesus Christ, look what Crikey has done over the

Crikey readers are less impressed. Check out this email from Crikey reader Robert on Hinch’s outburst.

I’ve never been a real Hinch fan but today’s editorial
about Graham Kennedy made me think a lot less of him. The gutless prick
announced that Kennedy was gay, almost with glee, I couldn’t see any
reason why he’d do this. But after a bit of thought I began wondering
how many years he’d been waiting for Kennedy to die, so it could be him
– no one else but him – to announce that Kennedy was a poofter. I’d be
willing to bet that he’s been planning this for years… what a lowlife
bastard. I’m not writing this because I’m gay, I’m not, but no-one
deserves this disrespect after death. As I send this he’s still
carrying on about it, he’s now moved on to exposing his lovers…

And this from Mike Brown:

Don’t know if others have already brought it to your
attention but radio’s king of smut, Derryn Hinch, this afternoon opened
his 3AW session with the news that Graham Kennedy was a homosexual and
was having it off with a former news reader and sports commentator Rob
Astbury during his television heyday. Naturally this prompted many
irate calls from listeners. But it was some light relief from his
continuing obsession with Schapelle Corby’s guilt.