Last night, at about the time Naomi Robson was issuing a grovelling
apology for swearing at a technician over a dodgy autocue on Today
Tonight, dozens of Crikey readers were responding to our request for a
recording of the original outburst. It’s been doing the rounds – and
even appeared on the SMH and Age websites – but for anyone who hasn’t caught up with it yet you can check it out here.

hard not to feel a little bit sorry for Naomi – if you were introducing
a story on air and couldn’t read the autocue you’d probably be
p*ssed-off too. But if you give it out you’ve also got to take it, and
for anyone keen to wallow in Robson’s embarrassment we’ve also got this quite amusing audio remix – it’s got the original language, the apology, and a sanctimonious intro to a Today Tonight story on rude language. It’s not Ray Hadley, but it’s a not-too-distant second.