Has Australia’s second richest man put the
heavy on Australia’s third richest man and suggested he put some money
into the Melbourne Victory A League soccer franchise? That’s the talk
in soccer circles. The king of Australian soccer Frank Lowy put a call
through to packaging mogul Dick Pratt and suggested an investment in
his local soccer team wouldn’t be a bad move. When Frank calls it’s
hard to say no, so stay tuned.

Lowy himself has put some cash into the Sydney franchise and is supported by the likes of actor Anthony LaPaglia,
who wrote out a cheque for $750,000. While big talking promoter Glenn
Wheatly is predictably making lots of noise about his involvement in
Melbourne Victory, the only substantial investor so far is Geoff Lord,
the former Elders Resources CEO who provides his old boss John Elliott
free accommodation in Carlton.

Lord is a former Hawthorn AFL
president who is thought to be worth about $120 million. He’s calling
all the shots at Melbourne Victory and writing out the cheques, and
would know Pratt well from all those colourful dealings during the
battle for BHP in the 1980s.

Another interesting player in the
development of Melbourne Victory is long-serving Herald Sun journalist
Alen Rados, who has somehow scooped up a 25% stake in the marketing
rights to the franchise, while appearing in some articles as a spokesman.

Rados is listed here as the online services manager at the Herald Sun.