The CRW List – the Crikey Revised Wealth list – continues to spiral. Today we publish another five Australians worth more $110 million who were missed by the “definitive” BRW Rich List last week.

But we know there are still dozens of names that you haven’t told us about yet, so take a deep breath and send that email to [email protected] so we can help BRW get closer to the truth next year. Here are today’s five:

Kevin O’Connor: The owner of G&K O’Connor Abattoirs in Pakenham, which is easily the largest beef abattoir in Victoria. All product is exported to Japan, the Middle East and Europe. The plant slaughters 1000 animals a day five days a week, bones them and also renders the by-product (margarine, fertiliser and the like). However, O’Connor had a rough fight with Victoria’s notorious meat unions in recent years as you can see here.

Ray Allsop: Has developed dozens of townhouses and high rise residential buildings on the Gold Coast. Also married a Smorgon and has never looked back.

Tom Hedley:
Has just clinched a deal to sell the leasehold of all of his Queensland pubs south of Innisfail to Coles Myer for a rumoured $140 million. In 2004 he spent $42 million buying hotels in Queensland, as you can see here. Also has significant development interests in FNQ.

Gange family: Astoria Taxis and then Embassy Cabs. Several hundred cab licences, hotels and other property. Alf Gange and his brother Kevin, known as Oil Can, are the principals. First got into the taxi business in the 1890s, but retain a very low profile empire.

Jack Gance: Originally owner of Le Tan sunscreen, which he sold in 1991, has more recently developed the My Chemist pharmacy chain which has 59 stores and plans to go to 200. Apparently threatened legal action against BRW a few years back to keep his name out of the magazine. No such luck with the CRW List.