Using the “f—” word is becoming, well, mainstream. There was a fuss when Rove McManus used it in his acceptance speech at this year’s Logie awards, it’s been used on Australian Idol, and it’s heard regularly on ABC TV’s Glasshouse. It even spilled from the mouth of Andrew Denton last night on Enough Rope, during an interview with Irish actor Gabriel Byrne.

But it’s not a word you would expect to hear on the airwaves from Seven’s Today Tonight host Naomi Robson, who gives the impression she’s a serious-minded person with a touch of glamour.

So you can imagine the surprise when the dulcet tones of Ice Queen Naomi using the “f—” word and its various derivations were broadcast on Triple J’s Today Today Show late Monday afternoon. Clearly it was a stressful time for our Naomi. A count revealed nine uses of “f—” and its derivations and probably the mildest comment was “this bloody autocue.”

If anyone has the audio of Naomi’s potty-mouthed spray, please send it to [email protected].