A disconcerted media pack fronted up to
a press conference held yesterday by Cornelia Rau, the incapacitated
Australian citizen illegally detained by DIMIA droogs in Baxter
Detention Centre.

The Australian’s
report reflected the disquiet of many of the journalists present:
“Highlighting the difficulty of the case, Ms Rau, in a rambling and at
times incoherent press conference, claimed she did not suffer
schizophrenia, and attacked the media for suggesting she did,” wrote
Andrew McGarry.

Other members of the fourth estate have not been
so understanding. During her time at Glenside Hospital in Adelaide,
which has open grounds, media representatives had to be removed. Rau’s
lawyer, Clare O’Connor, also has complained about a snatch photo of her
client taken from a car.

Crikey understands that there has been
deep concern over how to handle the media’s legitimate interest in
Cornelia Rau. Yes, she is news. But she has ongoing health issues and
she also has rights – rights to privacy and rights to have a say in
what she does.

Crikey understands that it was originally
planned to hold a pooled media event for Rau, but that this collapsed
due to opposition from Rau herself.

Her family and
representatives, we understand, now hope that yesterday’s presser has
let the media see her – and her condition – and that they will not risk
exacerbating it further by stalking her.