The CRW Rich List continues to grow. Today we add another five individuals or families to the CRW (Crikey Revised Wealth) list who didn’t make it on to that other rich list from BRW.

Kerr Nielsen: The Platinum Asset Management CEO and principal shareholder is estimated to be worth around $300 million but BRW continues to ignore him even though Platinum now has $14 billion under management.

Inglis family: Have run the thoroughbred auctions in Sydney and Melbourne for years. Their headquarters in Sydney at Randwick is itself on real estate worth more than the BRW entry figure of $110 million. See

David Archer: Formerly the major shareholder in Savage Resources (left to him by his stepfather), he sold out a tad too soon. But that didn’t matter because he made a pile in technology companies (not to mention the sale of his stepfather’s property at Point Piper – non waterfront – for about $12m). These days David divides his time between the town house in London (between a couple of princes), the magnificent chateau in France and the Sydney beach house (the award-winning Archer House) at Whale Beach.

David Kingston: The former Rothschilds investment banker is estimated by colleagues to be worth about $150 million in his new life as a publican, media investor and professional director. Sadly, none of that wealth came from the failed Byron Bay newspaper that he once owned with current Fin Review editor Glenn Burge.

Brown family: After the experience with Bob Oatley and Rosemount, you would have thought BRW would have paid closer attention to our wealthiest wine families. Many have been sold, but one of the biggest family-owned concern remains Brown Brothers in Victoria, which industry experts estimate is worth well north of $110 million.

Meanwhile, a business associate of wealthy Gold Coast boat builder Bill Barry-Cotter writes:

How can BRW miss Bill Barry-Cotter, the guy who established Riviera boats and sold it to the current owners for $180 million. He has since established Maritimo boats at Hope Island and is going after the ridiculously priced top end of the boating market. The base model starts at around $2.3 million and, even though they only started less than two years ago, they’ve already outstripped Riviera in terms of prestige, if not sales.

And then there’s also the Hope Island Marina which he bought, along with the entire island, for about $25 million after he sold Riviera. I’m not sure what it’s worth now but he’s made a lot of improvements since taking over. It’s also the home of Maritimo, both the boat building business and offshore power boat team.

As an interesting side note, he and his co-driver recently finished second in the UIM World Offshore Power Boat Championships. Not bad for an old bloke, and you can read more about the battle between Bill and his former management team in yesterday’s Courier-Mail.

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