The toy parliament that is the ACT Legislative Assembly really does come up with some strange stories. Hot on the heels of the graffiti artist who was advising chief minister John Stanhope, we’ve now got the Greens MLA who refused to move out of public housing in Yarralumla despite being guaranteed $86,700 a year and a car for the next four years.

2CC breakfast presenter Mike Jeffreys has been leading the charge, and the calls have been pouring in demanding that Dr Deb Foskey get out of her public housing home in Yarralumla and pay for regular accommodation. The Canberra Times and ABC local radio are only just getting onto the story as you see from this piece on ABC Online on Saturday and this follow-up on Sunday.

The ACT Labor government is dependent on Green support, so it’s no surprise they are refusing to act and are spouting the same rubbish as Dr Foskey in claiming that she doesn’t know what her financial position will be in four years time.

News laws are coming into place in NSW which “encourage” people with improved financial circumstances to vacate their public housing. Sadly, the same doesn’t apply in the ACT. The Crikey army is well represented in Canberra, so if anyone fancies renting our a modest flat to Dr Foskey, you can reach her at [email protected].