Three cheers for the Hobart Mercury for reporting
the big issues on budget day in Tasmania last week: “Premier Paul
Lennon’s smooth new look got the seal of approval from Hobart’s style
gurus yesterday.

A slick side-parted style has replaced Mr Lennon’s old
brushed-back ‘cockatoo’ crest. Award-winning Hobart hairdresser Matt
Nischler yesterday said the new ‘do was a big improvement.

“He’s not the most attractive man in the world, and the other cut emphasised the roundness of his face,” Nischler said.

‘This one gives it more shape and softness.”

E Modelling Agency model manager Aeshlie Wheeler said: “It’s good to
see someone in such a high position do something a bit different”…

We presume – hope – the picture of Lennon on his homepage (top right, the bloke who looks like a red-haired version of Michael Caton in The Castle) – comes from before his rug rethink.

what about other premiers? Bob Carr would look more literary with a
crop. Rather Will Self, we think. Geoff Gallop could make an OK Elvis
impersonator with mutton chop sideburns. And, given the demographics he
pitches at and his media tarting, we’re amazed Peter Beattie has never
sported a mullet.