The fallout over Rebecca Wilson’s appearance on the NRL Footy Show
continues. Co-host Paul Vautin has made it clear he only talked to her
last Thursday because he was “told” to, while 21% of viewers dropped
out after 15 minutes of the revamped show.

But Wilson lived up
to her “Rebecca the Wrecker” tag when she took a big pot-shot at Nine’s
number two footy caller and Sunday show host, Andrew Voss, describing
him as a “junior football caller” and a “media lightweight” because he
was “apparently” critical of her Footy Show performance on his Saturday morning sports show on Sydney radio.

As Voss is part of the Nine footy team it will make next Thursday’s
show an interesting event, once again, especially as Vautin made it
clear he was not a fan when he told the Sydney Sun Herald:
“She’s written some ordinary things about the show and us personally.
You’ve got to cop that sweet. If you’re told to work with someone, you
do so.”

And the Sun Herald’s gossip columnist Annette Sharp also talked to Wilson – but not about the Footy Show.
Sharp yesterday wrote that “the rumour mill slipped into overdrive last
week following the sighting of media identity Rebecca Wilson in the
arms of a high profile married man,” and went on to note that Wilson
was spotted in a “passionate exchange with a ‘well-rested on-screen
personality on a street in Clovelly’.”