Fellas. If a little milk bar operator, dry cleaner, plumber, printer,
chippy, lawyer, dentist, doctor, engineer, butcher or any other small
business goes under there is no government handout available. Those
business people are required to stand or fall on the strength of their
own planning, operation, diligence, risk assessment, market
observation, personal and business insurance protection positions. End
of story.

Question is, why the hell should we all, as taxpayers,
keep bailing you out? You know the risks, you enjoy the returns. If you
have a business problem, sort it out yourself. Yes, we know the weather
can’t be controlled. Tell that to the local electrician who cannot get
Telstra or some other large service provider to do their job and misses
out on a Yellow Pages ad, or whose telephone business lifeline goes
down. Nobody steps in to pick them up. At least you have the Farm
Deposit scheme – not available to any other taxpayer – where you can
defer tax paid on income into those years which are good. Lucky you.

all the government (read taxpayer) support, technical services,
science, management schools, courses, urging, droughts, market
responses and media coverage, why haven’t you learnt?

Time we
all said enough to farm subsidy largesse. If only for the fact that the
good farm operator is having to support inefficient brother farmers
through a diversion of his resources in tax dollars to them.

Work on that John Anderson.