Today, Bob Carr begins his most important week. Not because it’s State
Budget week, and not because he’s cruising past Neville Wran’s record
as the longest-serving premier. No, it’s a big Carr week because of
Sydney Writers’ Festival starts today.

NSW’s part-time premier
will be there with bells on, notwithstanding the Budget and other minor
distractions. As will Crikey’s fly-on-the-wall correspondent Hugo
Kelly, who has just started schmooozing with Sydney’s literary luvvies
to bring you the best news and gossip from Sin City’s big week of
culture; from tonight’s gala Premier’s literary awards at Parliament
House, to the dozens of events in windy halls and coffee shops from
Newtown to Newcastle.

We’ll wade through the piles of
disembodied narrative fiction wielded by PR flaks, and listen in awe to
special guests like literary troublemakers Tariq Ali and keynote
speaker Lewis Lapham, the bleeding-heart American East Coast
Establishment liberal (the event is, after all, being sponsored by the SMH.)

in his up-market boutique lodgings at the Cockroach Motel in
Kirribilli, Crikey’s man will soak it all up in his herringbone suit
and pork-pie hat. Send your views, suggestions, manuscripts to
[email protected]