The names of Rich Listers missed by BRW continues to grow on the CRW Rich List – the Crikey Revised Wealth list. Here are another five:

Ceasar Pradella:
Brisbane-based property development company which was founded in the
1950s by Ceasar Pradella, now retired, who would appear to have assets
close to $500 million. Check out the website here which talks about annual revenues of $130 million.

Max Raine: The man behind Raine & Horne who own heaps of real estate himself and a has a great franchise.

Wes Moxley:
and part owner of Gold Coast boat building business Riviera is busily
building 80 boats at any point in time and is looking to double in size
over the next five years, as you can see from boat magazine profile.
Major shareholder Gresham is looking to float what could be the Gold
Coast’s next Billabong out of its venture capital fund some time in the
next three to five years.

Andrews family: Big players in the Sydney meat industry and now major exporters, as you can see from their website here. Also have a large but little known Sydney property portfolio.

Pat Buckler:
Gold Coast resident with significant holdings in residential and
industrial property in south-east Queensland, plus a sizable share
portfolio which puts him over BRW’s $110 million threshhold for inclusion.

On Friday we pointed out that BRW
had missed the Barro family’s Melbourne-based building materials and
construction empire, which our insider estimated was worth about $700
million. Today the Fin Review reports that the Barros have
increased their stake in concrete company Adelaide Brighton to 20.9%.
Surely when a private family builds up a $188 million stake in a
publicly-listed company it would appear on the BRW radar? And this is just spare change and a passive investment so far.

The next page of today’s Fin Review features an ad for the BRW
Rich List edition which claims it is the “definitive list on
Australia’s richest 200 people.” The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines
definitive as: “decisive, unconditional, final, most authoritative.”

Maybe ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel – who arguably should be on the list himself – should take action against BRW
for misleading and deceptive claims. Missing the Barro family is just
inexcusable for a list that claims to produce a definitive guide to our
richest 200 citizens.

If you know of any other people that BRW has missed, please email [email protected]