A surprising solid win to Seven last night as Lost, Seven News and Today Tonight lead the way. Lost’s audience of 1.891 million was again the biggest on the night, but Seven News finished second, half a million viewers behind, with Nine News a mere 20,000 behind Seven. Thursday’s viewing audience is normally cut by evening shopping, people socialising and sports training for many children.

Seven’s win was its best of the week, its share topped 30% for the first time (30.2%) and it finished in front of Nine in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and a close second in Melbourne. Nine’s national share ended on 28.1%, Ten was down on 23.7%, the ABC on 13.2% and SBS on 4.7%.

Seven’s Today Tonight beat Nine’s ACA by 100,000 viewers (1.339 million to $1.239 million) which is something of an improvement for ACA on recent outings. In Sydney Seven News and Today Tonight had relatively easy wins, in Melbourne Nine News won but ACA lost to TT.