Two days on, and The Australian still hasn’t corrected its false claim that Kylie Minogue had lunch with fellow breast cancer sufferer Olivia Newton-John at Donovan’s in St Kilda on Tuesday, just hours after being diagnosed. In fact, the “quality” national broadsheet has made it worse with Amanda Meade’s Diary column yesterday producing the following item:

Who coup
More by good fortune than good planning, Who magazine will publish some very timely pictures tomorrow. The magazine bought for several tens of thousands of dollars an exclusive set of pictures of Kylie Minogue holidaying with Olivia Newton-John in Melbourne last week. They bought them before Minogue was diagnosed with early breast cancer on Tuesday but in time to update the story and the headlines. They can now capitalise on having pictures of Mingogue with friend and breast cancer survivor Newton-John.

Whoops, we think she means Kylie’s French boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Why on earth would Kylie be holidaying with Olivia Newton-John when her boyfriend was in town? How could The Oz have made this mistake when the Thursday papers were full of the photos she was talking about which were taken by stalking papparazzi Jamie Fawcett on French Island. One of the reasons the Media liftout went broadsheet a couple of years back was to allow for up-to-the-minute stories to be included.

Even more perplexing is how The Oz could make a second blunder when the mythical Olivia Newton-John lunch was corrected by ABC radio’s PM program at 5:45pm on Wednesday afternoon.

In case anyone remains a little confused, Olivia Newton-John appeared on The Footy Show last night and, when asked about Kylie, said that despite all the newspaper reports, she hadn’t seen or spoken to her recently and they weren’t even particularly close.