Ron Walker’s diminutive billionaire chum and Formula One Svengali Bernie
Ecclestone, finally on the starter’s grid for a strategic exit from running the
sport that may be no exit at all?

media is now abuzz with the news that the most hated man in motor sport, and
also its wealthiest, is considering an offer to quit his post as head of F1’s
commercial operations to take up a post with the FIA (International Automobile Federation) that governs
world motor sport.

before warring F1 teams get overly excited, the job offer from the almost as
equally loathed FIA president Max Mosley appears to be a typical motor sport
sideways ruse. While it may ostensibly remove Ecclestone from the front line
where a queue is forming to oust him from the sport he runs with an iron fist
to the general consternation of the sport, it’s not remotely that simple!

Mosley master plan would see Ecclestone taking up a new post overseeing the
administration of Formula One “development”.

hasn’t said yes and he hasn’t said no,” said Mosley who himself is under
considerable pressure to take a hike. “His role would be specifically to
deal with the problems of Formula One from the governing body’s point of

the fabulously wealthy 74-year-old Ecclestone even bothers to stick around in a
sport where he’s not wanted, let alone take up this new post at his age, only
he can answer. However “power” is one word that immediately springs to mind.

am trying to decide whether this is what I should do or not but I would have to
say I am seriously considering the proposition Max has put to me at the
moment,” Ecclestone told The Guardian.

like everyone else, the paper knows the truth is out there somewhere as to what
is really behind this latest manoeuvre.

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