Peter Costello welcomed himself into the ranks of the working class on the weekend – read more here – while out selling his Budget in Brisbane.

“Anybody who derives their income from labour is part of the working class,” he said. “This idea that you only work if you are engaged in manual labour – most Australians aren’t engaged in manual labour, but they work, they are workers and they deserve tax cuts.”

His tour has moved to Sydney, where the treasurer turned up on Sally Loane on ABC radio – greeted by Barnsey’s Working Class Man.

Loane declared it was an appropriate intro – and would help prepare the treasurer for his afternoon function at the Blacktown Workers’ Club. Cozzie laughed, then declared that he liked The Boss – referring, of course, to Bruce Springsteen.

Loane defended the choice, saying Working Class Man is a classic. Costello responded “Oh well, I still like The Boss.”

We’re glad he likes one boss, because we know he doesn’t like another one.