Anyone fancy having a crack at listing the potential draftees for The
Future Fund, which in five years will become the mother of all gravy
trains with $90 billion of assets to invest. Here are three names to
kick-start the debate:

Charles Macek – the current head of the Financial Reporting Council is
already out there spruiking. Charles has a funds management background
and sits on the Telstra and Wesfarmers boards. However, his tilt at the
Presidency of Richmond was comprehensively defeated last year, but he’s
more popular with Treasury and Costello than Richmond members.

Michaela Anderson – director of policy at ASFA, currently on the Board of the New Zealand Government Super Fund.

Des Moore – strange but true. The former IPA stalwart and Federal
Treasury ideologue is doing an apprenticeship on the PSS/CSS Board
where he is shaking the tree.

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