Peter Knight writes:

Johnny Shapiro should not be
too flippant about his interview to become an Australian citizen. When
I did the same a few years back, I was hit with a question I had not
expected. It was a corker – the sort of question that you know if you
get it wrong, it will all be over. “Did you fill this form in
yourself?” Stunned, I wracked my brains – too simple, what would be the
follow-up question? “Yes”, I ventured. And that was it. No more
questions. I was in. I was an Aussie. Wow, it meant so much – I mean
it’s harder to get a new wheelie bin. By the way Johnny – assuming you
get through and do the ceremony – allow about three months before you
admit defeat and accept the wattle has died. Spiritually, it seems
about the right length of time.