Workplace culture controversies at the ABC just aren’t going away.

ABC staff laughed when the science program Catalyst ran its special on “workplace psychopaths” recently. Their faces fell, however, when ads appeared in The Australian’s
Media section for an “outstanding executive producer” for the
broadcaster’s Science & Environment Unit. Do they want someone
outstanding but not outspoken?

Now they’ve found a new gag. The ABC uses a company called Davidson Trahaire Corpsych
to provide “independent counselling” to its staff when the issues get
too hot for the in-house HR team. Corpsych? Is that anything to do with
corporate psychopaths?

At least they can see a light side to events. Recent happenings in the
Industrial Relations Commission over the Neheda Barakat matter are
causing deep concerns.

The extent to which ABC management and their witnesses at the IRC have
been prepared to smooth and spin and give dramatic performances in the
witness box is startling some observers. There is concern among staff
and their union that ABC management has worked to vilify Barakat and
other staff personally and professionally in their defence, when the
same staff have nothing unusual about their employment records. Fingers
are being pointed at the supposedly impartial ABC Workplace and Human
Resources Departments, with accusations they have succumbed to partial
and collusive case presentation while continually threatening the
Commission with appeal regardless of the outcome.

The wags have a gag about this one, too. They call it institutional bullying – one institution bullying another.