For some reason, Sydney Morning Herald sports writer and former football coach Roy Masters has decided to make Rebecca Wilson’s move to the NRL Footy Show in Sydney and Brisbane a big deal. His second story in as many days on her “problems” with the personnel of theNRL Footy Show made it from the sports pages to page 3 in today’s SMH.

Just why Masters has decided to elevate Wilson from the ranks of rugby league hack and wannabe to near martyr is hard to understand. No mention in the article of the bitter enmity between her and former Fairfax sports columnist, Danny Wiedler, who’s now at Nine. The new management of Nine would be mad not to have him live on the Thursday night show. It would make for the best night’s TV for years.

Will Marcel Marceau be available to help Rebecca talk to Footy Show hosts Fatty Vautin and Peter Sterling? Perhaps that’s why Masters wrote the story: it’s part of a warm-up by Nine to drive viewers to a show that’s dying by the week.