It is common
knowledge among observers of the ABC that while once the ABC Human
Resources Department could be held to act affirmatively in favour of
staff development and well being, this is not now the case, and Work
Place Relations and Human Resources are first and foremost instruments
of the ABC’s divisional business plans and inform and action the
agendas of divisional managers.

Whether genuinely in response to
environmental changes in the market place or in order to mask a desire
to rid itself of certain staff, the ABC Human Resources department is
well practised in what are referred to as “Review and Restructure” or
“Spill and Fill” manoeuvres, designed to achieve “business objectives.”

objectives frequently and cyclically include purging the organisation
of staff perceived as “troublesome” or “high maintenance,” many of whom
are simply out of vogue with the upper echelons of the day.

IRC generally has no latitude but to acknowledge the right of business
(including the ABC) to be able to hire and fire and the “spill and
fill” (within which targeted individuals are masked by an overall
review of the “unit”) is favoured for its clean lines.

The spill
and fill does however require significant resources for management and
a “unit” needs to reach a critical mass, in terms of cost benefit,
before a review and restructure is deployed.

In the meantime,
individuals are most often targeted by team play between managers and
human resource specialists with the principal object being to be rid of
the person at least cost to the ABC. A well executed strategy will
generally not include any transparent bullying and will result in the
target’s resignation.

Evidence of outright bullying appears to
have become more apparent at the ABC in proportion to an increasing
demand on senior managers that they demonstrate to the loudest
parliamentary stakeholders their control of the organisation and their
accountability, not only for the grand design but the daily detail.

the contemporary ABC, where managers micro-manage, media production is
“fruit picking” and a “bad” worker needs to find a job elsewhere.
“Performance Reviews” are conducted on the fly and open hostility is
ill concealed. The environment fosters “tough love” and managers are
chosen for their commitment to change. Everything, at any time.

someone would just shunt the IRC, HREOC and the other spoilers into a
siding, it would be so much easier for them to claim the performance
bonus for cleaning up around the shop!