The new World Trade Organisation director general Pascal Lamy has been
one of the greatest opponents of the lifting of agricultural subisides
imposed by Euro countries – effectively taxes on Australian farm goods.
Australian trade minister Mark Vaile dutifully welcomed the appointment
in a press release but some of the farming reps at the Doha Round
weren’t so charitable in private.

Lamy is a brilliant,
articulate and skilled negotiator, but he has cost Australia a lot in
the past and could well do so again from the top of the WTO. Here is an
extract from the Vaile release:

Trade Minister Mark Vaile has welcomed Pascal Lamy as the
consensus candidate for the next Director-General of the World Trade
Organisation and looks forward to working with him to achieve an
ambitious outcome to the Doha Round of Global Trade talks.

the many years in which we have both worked together in the WTO I have
developed a deep appreciation for Mr Lamy’s skills and experience, he
will make an excellent Director General,” Mr Vaile said.

believe Mr Lamy will play a neutral and balanced role in his new
position. Although Mr Lamy and I did not always see eye-to-eye on
issues when he was European Commissioner for Trade, I have always
valued his professionalism, frankness, knowledge and integrity.”