I am on the staff of a Labor backbencher and during last week there was a
lot of discussion about who are the best advisers on our side of federal

Now Crikey likes a good list for discussion so I thought I’d put together a
top ten of staffers.

It would be interesting to see what other Labor staffers out there think
about their colleagues, so I think you should print this and encourage other
people to (anonymously) send in their lists with reasons to justify their choices.

1. Tim Dixon, Economics Adviser, Beazley office (very smart, at the centre
of the action)

2. Alastair Jordan, Media Adviser, Rudd office (massive job done well, best
spinner in opposition)

3. Michael Cooney, Chief of Policy, Beazley office (better job for Beazley
than for Latham)

4. John Whelan, Political Adviser, Beazley office (big strides in short

5. Ashley Wells, Policy Adviser, Smith office (very very smart)

6. Courtney Hoogen, Media/Policy Adviser (hardest worker)

7. Silvana Catalano, Policy Adviser, Gillard office (best of the Gillard

8. David Garner, Policy Adviser, Crean office (well regarded, one-man show)

9. Matthew Lindon, Policy Adviser, Swan office (smartest of the Swan team)

10. George Thomson, Chief of Staff, Beazley office (no enemies, good