As speculation and comment continues
over the departure of David Gyngell from the top job at the Packer
family’s Nine TV network, an interesting commentary has poppoed up.
Former Ten boss Ian Kennon has taken a big kick at PBL and endorsed
Gyngell, in a letter published in The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday that included this:

“David Gyngell, congratulations, your father would be proud of you.
Your immediate superior, John Alexander, attempted to fix something
within the Channel Nine network that was not broken; in doing so he
fractured a structure that was the envy of others, encouraging the
movement of key executives to the opposition. Your recognition of the
impossible position you were placed in is to be admired.”

Kennon is well regarded in the TV industry for lifting Ten’s
performance and being a good TV executive who understood the “culture”
part of building a brand. He’s also close to John Singleton, who is
close (on occasions) to the Packer HQ. Kennon’s endorsement of Gyngell
and attack on Alexander will be noted.