I read with interest article 21 of the Crikey report on Friday 13 May
2005. Just a point of clarification. Shore, officially known as SCEGS
(Sydney Church of England Grammar School – called Shore because the
school is located on the North Shore – is a GPS Anglican School. Knox
Grammar is a Uniting Church (formerly Presbyterian Church) school in
Wahroonga (not an Anglican School as you incorrectly reported) and is a
member of the CAS.

Knox is desperate to join the GPS, but the GPS won’t have a bar of
them. Knox School and their boys tend to think they are Gods gift to
sport and everything else and that they have ‘outgrown’ the CAS
competition. As the Headmaster of one prominent Sydney school once said
of Knox: “they will be a half decent school when they celebrate their
centenary!” Having being founded in 1924, they have created a very fake
(read English Public School) history and traditions and carry on with a
lot of hype that other (read better) schools rid themselves of years

Also, the game was played at the Shore Oval at Northbridge, not at the
Knox Oval as you reported. A quick check of their websites would have
clarified the denomination of both schools. And by the way, I am not
an Old Boy of either Knox or Shore!