ABC Victoria’s Jon Faine took a risk
this morning and invited fallen ALP powerbroker and failed businessman
Andrew Landeryou into the studio for a vigorous 15-minute live exchange
before an audience of almost 200,000. Faine was certainly a little
apprehensive about defamation and Landeryou did manage to plug his blog
and land a few blows on Solly Lew, Melbourne Uni Student Union (MUSU)
liquidator Dean McVeigh, The Age’s Leonie Wood and a few other players in the soap opera that is his life.

the end it was a good move and entertaining radio – Landeryou sailed
close to the wind but didn’t seriously defame anyone and Faine really
put him through his paces about allegedly doing a runner, failed
ventures and his credibility.

Dean McVeigh certainly wouldn’t
have enjoyed Landeryou quoting Justice Gillard questioning his
competence in an earlier liquidation, but from what we can tell,
Landeryou isn’t making stuff up and we don’t doubt his blog stories
that McVeigh does own several luxury cars and has employed two security
guards outside his home after all the attention surrounding the
expensive MUSU liquidation.

Landeryou also spelled out that the Lew camp’s embarrassing selective leaks to The Age’s
Leonie Wood last year was what prompted him to commit to pay the
controversial former Coles Myer chairman $3 million to take back his
worthless scrip in IQ Corp. Landeryou then went to Costa Rica and
attempted to pick up an online gaming business that he hoped to float
on the ASX in an “arbitrage” play that would raise enough funds to
clear the debt to Solly – a debt that seems to have been incurred in
very curious circumstances involving threats of more embarrassing
public disclosures.

Landeryou said that his business associates
knew where he was but he didn’t tell his wife as there were problems in
his marriage that he wouldn’t be elaborating on publicly.

had clearly done some research but Landeryou is continuing to take a
pugnacious approach with almost every journalist he comes across given
that he subsequently posted the following on his blog this morning:

Jon Faine – ABC Nice Guy Had Done No Research

hard not to like Jon Faine and his listeners certainly seem to in the
days when I used to listen in. Faine probably turned the 1999 state
election during his confrontation with Jeff Kennett (broadcast
throughout Victoria) which made the otherwise reasonable Premier sound
very angry indeed. With that in mind, I trooped off this morning
anticipating a forensic grilling from the ex-lawyer now public service

I was very surprised indeed that Faine’s
knowledge of the issues seemed very light indeed. I guess his priority
is to be liked, to be a nice friendly amiable chap that the inner
suburban Melbourne ABC listeners can regard as a friend. It was
certainly interesting to watch him doing his thing, using intelligent
open-ended questions (with just enough left-wing spin to make listeners
comfortable) to make up for his complete lack of homework.

detail of my joyous interactions with Solomon Lew and the MUSU
Liquidator Big Spending Man Mountain Dean McVeigh seemed entirely lost
on him but I did my best to make it clear. But of course the whole
story is always complex and detailed and if you don’t want your news
ABC Lite, and want to get stuck into the heavy stuff then you know
where to find The Other Cheek.

We tried to call
Landeryou this morning on the mobile number displayed on the home page
of his blog (0415 993 326) but we just got the theme song from the
original Spiderman.