Gordon and Gotch, the magazine
distribution arm of struggling printer PMP, has suffered two more
blows, losing key contracts with the country’s two leading magazine
publishers/distributors. Gordon and Gotch has been dropped as
newsagent merchandiser by ACP-owned Network, and by rival and industry
No 2, Pacific Publications as its supermarket merchandiser. That means
the loss of lucrative contracts to merchandise at the nation’s 5,000 or
so newsagencies and 2,000 or more supermarkets.

The loss of the
Network deal is important. Network distributes ACP’s magazines, but
also a clutch of important third party titles, including Time-Life and
Mills and Boon books.

PMP recently revealed a downturn on
earnings from printing contract and capacity problems, and continuing
losses in G&G from higher fuel costs and the 1st Fleet contract

Here’s the Network announcement.