Like David Gyngell, Don Burke hasn’t gone quietly after
being “sacked” by the former Nine CEO late last year. Gyngell had more appearances in weekend newspapers,
while Burke has been signted all over the TV industry. Now he pops up on Andrew
Denton’s Enough Rope tonight on ABC TV.

Gyngell decided late last year not to renew the contract for
Burke’s Backyard, after 17 years on TV, a move Burke tonight claims cost Nine
its ratings lead this year. From leaked quotes from the interview Burke has not
extended the hand of friendship to Gyngell, but to the Packers and Sam
Chisholm, it’s a very different case.

In the interview recorded late last week Burke was
asked how he felt about the departure of Gyngell. He replied “um but it probably indicates there’s a
chance of maybe getting Burke’s Backyard back – I mean we’ve been hoping we’d
get it back.” No milk of human kindness there!

While Burke is hopeful of being restored to past glory,
wags in the industry say Nine should be also looking at returning old stalwarts
from the past such as The Young Doctors, The Sullivans and Paul Hogan.

But Burke knows where to lob the butter with this quote
” Kerry Packer offered me a friendship and I declined.” and this one
“Sam Chisholm is God. He is the God of Television as far as I am
concerned”. “James Packer is a stunning human being”.
“He genuinely cares about people”

Talk about going the brown nose.

Burke’s Backyard
‘s replacement, Our Place has sunk
in the ratings (down to 750,000 or so and not worth broadcasting in Adelaide instead of the
Friday night AFL game), there’s every chance Don will do a Melba.

So how many times a week would you like Burke’s Backyard to
run, Don?