We used to partially gauge the success of Crikey by the number of mentions we got in public places, be they websites, mainstream media outlets, parliaments or conferences. There have certainly been plenty of Crikey mentions of late with Eric Beecher and Christian Kerr both being interviewed by ABC Victoria’s Jon Faine last week.

Crikey also got a big run at the AICD annual conference in Perth. Former WA Premier Richard Court declared that you couldn’t afford to hide anything about yourself because it will eventually come out and “you can rest assured it will appear in Crikey.com (sic) two days before the next election.”

During the session titled “a conversation with the regulators”, Crikey threw a question at the panel which comprised ASX CEO Tony D’Aloisio, ASIC chairman Jeff Lucy and ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel.

D’Aloisio sensibly remained silent after Samuel had just declared how evil monopolies were and Crikey pointed out that ASX shareholders have made a 170-fold return gouging their customers. But Samuel’s response about the security of his funding and his independence from Treasurer Peter Costello made mention of Crikey, upon which he declared: “I’ve just earned another free subscription for mentioning Crikey.”

The hypothetical crisis board meeting which closed the conference had a company racked with scandals broken on the “blimey.com” website, although the font and style was borrowed from Crikey. No wonder Cathy Walter was a late withdrawal. Former Woodside CEO John Akehurst, former Perpetual CEO Graham Bradley, former ASIC chairman Alan Cameron, Crikey, Iluka director Valerie Davies and controversial American futurist Dr Marvin Cetron publicly grappled for 90 minutes about how seriously they should take the Blimey allegations, and then we even had the doyen of directors, John Ralph, piping up from the floor on what he would have done.

Then there was this Wendy Tuohy feature on Eddie McGuire in The Age on Saturday, which picked up comments from last week’s regular spot with ABC Victoria’s Virginia Trioli about the possibility of the lad taking up a management post at Nine.

Insiders host Barrie Cassidy picked up a Crikey line about The Future Fund actually really being a Past Fund when chatting on ABC radio last Thursday morning and three men and a dog would have heard Crikey for two hours on RRR’s The Party Show from midnight to 2am on Sunday morning.

But all of this counts for nothing when compared with Crikey’s famous sister-in-law Patricia Piccinini, who has now really made it big. All the media mentions or appearances in the world can’t match making it as a global urban myth. Check out her debut on the urban myth busting site Snopes here.