Biggest topic of conversation among Sydney’s north shore and
eastern suburbs private school parents this week is the huge punch-up
at last Saturday’s rugby union match between the 1st XVs from leading
Anglican GPS school Shore (based in North Sydney) and arch-rival fellow
leading Anglican CAS school Knox Grammar (based in Warrawee-Wahroonga).

The match took place at Knox’s home ground. The all-in brawl
followed an earlier sin-binning of one player; extraordinarily it
exploded out of control to include additional players joining in from
the sidelines and the referee was forced to call the match off! This is
unheard of among the GPS and CAS schools (who pride themselves on
old-fashioned codes of conduct: especially non-violence and always
accepting the referee’s decisions without question).

The headmasters are in shock and everyone who attended is being asked to avoid any media leaks.