Yesterday we a ran a story by James Taranto, editor of, in which he attacked a Media Watch item from Monday night that had criticised Janet Albrechtsen for incorrectly claiming that a blogger who wrote for the website actually wrote for TheWall Street Journal. Today Peter McEvoy, executive producer of Media Watch, returns fire:

to slap you down Crikey, but how far behind the story can you fall? We
sent our response to James Taranto on Wednesday and it’s been on our
website since then. By the way, James Taranto is the editor of not the opinion pages of the online Wall Street Journal as Crikey claims. As you can see, the only errors in our story came fom Arthur Chrenkoff, the blogger himself.

We stand by our story. The Wall Street Journal website ( is a paid subscriber site, while, which publishes Arthur Chrenkoff’s blogs, is a free site. Our point was that Janet Albrechtsen gave Arthur Chrenkoff’s blog a
prestige and credibility it did not deserve. A Good News blog is not a
substitute for good journalism that reports both the good and bad news
from Iraq.

You can read the Media Watch response to the OpinionJournal on the Crikey website here.