Kath & Kim yesterday went mainstream in Britain for the first time, on the BBC. So what do the critics think?

Tim Teeman in The Times
says it “pulls off the trick of being popular and cool,” it “delights
in absurdity,” but most of all it “glories in campy, lurid wordplay.”
Another Times‘ reviewer agrees, saying the series is “fuelled
by the magnificent Australian gift for transforming shameless vulgarity
into comic art.” And although most Aussie comedies are “as raw as a
blue steak straight off the barbie,” says Ilona Amos The Scotsman, “this is a top sitcom” and the supporting cast is “superb, completely inhabiting their roles.”

But not everyone’s impressed. Mary Novakovich in The Guardian
says: “Unless you enjoy hearing perfectly innocent vowels get tortured
to death, it’s hard to spot the funny bits that have so enraptured two
million Australians and a few British critics.” Robert McNeil in The Scotsman
concedes there are some funny moments and some pointed commentary on
modern life, but “most of the humour wasn’t up to scratch.” For
example: “Kath: ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.’ Kim:
‘Yes, and you’re talking from Uranus.’ I see.”

And Jane Simon in The Mirrorsaysthat catchphrases like “That’s nooice, that’s different, that’s un-ewe-usual” might even catch on in Britain.