Was the ABC’s Australian Story taken
for a ride with its story this week about David Hookes and his former
girlfriend – the girlfriend presented as the “other woman” in Hookes’s
life, the woman who Hookes was living with, the woman who Hookes
reportedly wanted to spend his life with and be the father of her

“The sporting establishment’s most powerful forces mobilised around his widow, Robyn,” said Australian Story in
its intro. But behind the scenes, reality was at odds with the myth
making and some of those closest to Hookes felt shut out. Christine
Padfield had been David Hookes’s girlfriend for almost two years and
she was with him the night he sustained his fatal injuries”.

it emerges that the woman, Christine Padfield, wasn’t Hookes’s only
long-term girlfriend when he died tragically outside a Melbourne pub
early last year – and others are coming forward as also being involved
with Hookes when he died.

Padfield’s story got the full treament on Australian Story
as she told the world of her private grief at losing her lover in an
altercation outside a Melbourne hotel (which is now the subject of a
court case). Much of the appeal of Australian Story lies in its
sympathetic portrayal of its subjects, and Monday’s offering was no
exception – Padfield came across as the heart-broken former partner who
had been denied her rightful place alongside the family at Hookes’s
funeral because the media, and Hookes’s relatives, had pressured her to
remain in the background.

But now it emerges that a)
Padfield’s relationship with Hookes was “on again, off again,” b)
he was seeing other women at the time, and c) Australian Story knew about it.

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