Last Wednesday, Crikey revealed the growing consternation at The Age
over editor Andrew Jaspan’s decision to move his business section into
the middle of the paper’s news section, instead of its traditional
place as a stand-alone section. This is what we advised Jaspan last

Our advice to Andrew is to put business back in
its own section ASAP, before this turns into a referendum on the future
of his shaky editorship. Tell the readers you’re listening to what they
say, responding to their wishes, not too arrogant to admit you’re
wrong, you know the patter.

Today, Jaspan has followed Crikey’s instructions, publishing this note on the front page of The Age business section:

We recently integrated Business into the main section of the newspaper.
We did this to reflect the growing status of business as news. This
view was supported by extensive research.

your feedback suggested that, while you hugely value our business
coverage, you would prefer it to return to a stand-alone section. So
from Monday, Business is back on its own. To all those who took the
trouble to write or call, many thanks.

Andrew Jaspan, Editor-in-Chief

CRIKEY: If Jaspan wants any more instructions on how to
fix his mish-mash of a newspaper we’re no longer available. We suggest
he contacts a lecturer at one of his local journalism schools – RMIT is
pretty good ([email protected]).