They’re picking themselves up after falling about laughing at the Ten Network today, following this story by Mark Day in The Australian’s Media section:

Gyngell quit the Nine Network in spectacular fashion this week, but he
has no intention of leaving the television industry. It is understood
he plans to be a candidate for the chief executive’s job at Network Ten
– an ambition which, if achieved, will put his godfather, Nine boss
Kerry Packer, in a pincer movement between two of his former chief

Ten’s also pleased that three of their top
executives, John McAlpine, Grant Backley and Kerry Kingston, are being
mentioned as the possible new CEO of Nine, because that recognises the
network has the best depth of TV management talent in the country.

Also from the Media section, this contribution from columnist Errol Simper:

meanwhile, will help oversee the recruitment of Gyngell’s long-term
successor. Perhaps he should wait about six weeks, let Gyngell do some
surfing and some thinking, then give him a call.”

The third floor at Nine’s Willoughby headquarters are
strong believers in David Gyngell. After all, in the wake of his abrupt
departure, comes the line that Nine will not lose another ratings week
for the remainder of this year. “Why didn’t Gyngell stick around,
things were turning” is the way the line goes. His supporters say that
his successor will get the credit (unfairly in some eyes) of the