Mendelssohn writes:

I’d wondered what happened to my old
friend HT Lee, as I hadn’t seen him for about 18 months. I first got to know Lee
at about the time of the Peter Baldwin bashing. His obsessive eye for detail was
a significant factor in the reform of the Enmore Branch of the ALP, and the
Marrickville electorate. Both Peter Baldwin and Andrew Refshauge have reason to
be grateful to him for their parliamentary careers. The criminal elements who had
infiltrated Labor party branches were effectively eliminated in the left
takeover. He will be missed by all his Sydney

A subscriber writes:
In today’s Crikey, reader John Dakin takes a swipe at Ross
Stapleton’s comments about Ian Thorpe having a crack at Grant
Hackett’s 800m record. Perhaps John should acquaint himself with the
FINA rules with respect to setting world records before slagging off at
others. Specifically, rule SW12.9 states; A swimmer in an
individual event may apply for a World Record at an intermediate
distance if he or his coach or manager specifically requests the
referee that his performance be especially timed or if the time at the
intermediate distance is recorded by Automatic Officiating Equipment.
Such swimmer must complete the scheduled distance of the event to apply
for a record at the intermediate distance.

Clearly, Ian Thorpe could
break the 800m record in a 1,500m race so long as a time clock was being
used, which I assume would be the case in the Olympics!

Harriett Swift writes:
Before Bob Carr is written into history as the “green premier,” just remember
this: in 1995 he promised to end export woodchipping by the year 2000. He won
office with Green preferences on the strength of this lie. The Eden
chipmill is still exporting over 800,000 tonnes of woodchips a year, with 160
log trucks a day delivering loads to the mill. None of this is waste wood. The
chipmill can only process whole tree logs. It cannot process heads and butts. No
forest from Ulladulla to East Gippsland is safe while this chipmill continues to
operate. Bob Carr must have that on his conscience.

A reader writes:
While it has been pointed out that Hugo Kelly was
wrong in describing right wing commentator Mark Steyn as American rather than
Canadian, I think whoever publishes the guy commits a greater sin of omission by
not describing him as the “right wing commentator who insisted Saddam Hussein
was dead and that Hezbollah provided the explosives for the Bali bombing.” Wrong
on both counts I think Mark. Oh yeah, and he craves Condoleezza for her “dark
eyes and intelligent eroticity” and thinks the UN should be added to the axis of
evil list. Shouldn’t the readers be told what sort of nut
we’re dealing with here?

Mary McNish writes:
It is not the Australian Council of
Civil Liberties… we have fewer and fewer… but FOR Civil Liberties. You keep
getting it wrong. Very

Rick writes:
No tips, but it is seriously crook to use words like spivs when
referring to my beloved Goldie. This is such an ill-informed comment and can
only come from someone who has not been here in a long time, if at all. Spending
a lot of time, and as little as I can, in loathed Melbourne, I see more spivs per
capita, more bludgers, more beggars, crappy dirty streets and miserable looking
people in a day, than I would see here in a decade, save perhaps Melbourne
school holidays…

A subscriber writes:
You mention that Peter Kirby is an Englishman. He is not, he came from South
Africa. He spent some time in the UK as a Director of ICI PLC and CEO of their
global paints business. Prior to that he had been the CEO of ICI Australia’s
Dulux Paints.

Steve Sagar writes:
Notice to Stephen Maynes and others: the ad nauseam references to
Melbourne as bleak city are getting boring and annoying. Continue
with it and I won’t be renewing my subscription when next due, and I’ll
be urging others to follow suit in appropriate forums. Otherwise, a
great read.

Stephen Samuelson writes:
Ross Stapleton
incorrectly asserts that Giaan Rooney switched to
backstroke after winning the 200m freestyle world title at
Fukuoka in 2001. Rooney was
always a backstroker – she won gold at the Kuala
Lumpur Com Games – which was why her initial world title win was so