Antony Green has emailed to let us know that his guide to the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly elections is now up here.

The ABC’s election gnome if off in Canada – at his own expense, he
hastens to add, on a busman’s holiday watching the referendum in
British Columbia on whether to adopt Tasmania’s own Hare-Clarke
electoral system. Ah, the weird world of politics.

Indeed, Canadian politics seem to be all fun and games at the moment.
“Interesting times here,” Antony writes. “The government was defeated
by a vote in the House of Commons yesterday, but at this stage both
sides are still bickering on whether this was a vote of confidence or
not. So bitter has the argument been that the four Canadian party
leaders managed to turn up a day late for the VE day celebrations. The
Dutch were very surprised they turned up a day after everyone else, but
did arrange a little commemoration ceremony for them amidst the
demolition of all the public stands from the day before.”

As Australia waits to find out just what will happen to our Electoral
Act after 1 July, Antony has a correction to our item on British
Columbia from earlier in the week:

Your correspondent this week
missed the point that the current BC Liberal government decided on a
proposed change after winning the majority of the vote in 1997 but
losing the election. In New Zealand, the genesis of proportional
representation in 1996 was Labor’s loss in 1980 despite winning more of
the vote. It will be interesting to see if BC follows the same trend.