Crikey is off to Perth tomorrow for the Australian Institute of Company Directors annual conference and we’re keen to tap the Crikey army for advice on what to tell them. The two hour session on Friday morning is as follows:

“If the Corporation Were a Person Would That Person be a Psychopath? Do people become alienated from the traditional morals that guide human relationships as they pursue the goal of the collective organisation? How do we ensure that corporate objectives and societal morals and expectations are not mutually exclusive?”

The panel to discuss this comprises economist turned company director Dr Don Stammer, former WA Liberal Premier Richard Court and yours truly, the designated “controversial” element of the session. If you’ve got a view on what sorts of “controversial” comments should be made, email [email protected]

Also, I’m filling in for ABC Victoria Drive presenter Virginia Trioli this afternoon, so tune in between 3-6pm for some lively talkback on the budget. The hotline is 1300 222 774.