One of the joys of writing a column on rugby league is the range of views I get from readers through feedback to me directly or the editor. Today I want to share with readers generally a plea from Charlene, who lives in Brisbane. On Monday Charlene wrote to Crikey in these terms:

“I love rugby league. More specifically I love the Cowboys. What I DON’T love however, is the limited opportunities Channel 9 provides to see the Cowboys play. I know Crikey has talked about this before but this past weekend has really gotten on my goat…”.

If it’s any consolation Charlene, you are in substantial, and distinguished, company. The great Artie Beetson has attacked the free to air coverage of the game – but more on Artie Beetson’s interesting views tomorrow.

We know that David Gallop has been discussing free to air rights with both Nine and Seven, but his AFL counterpart has actually laid down some “benchmarks” that Gallop could well seek to emulate. Fans like Charlene will never get justice until the NRL can secure free to air coverage that provides some live games, and greater choice for viewers.

The full story is on the site here.