It was covered by Bob Bottom in The Australian
– but isn’t it remarkable that Al Grassby’s “double life” with former
lawyer and former chair of the NSW Ethnic Communities Council Angela Chan
seems to have drawn more attention than the persistent allegations of
links with Calabrian organised crime in the Riverina. Isn’t possible
corruption more important than sex?

We’ve been told that the idea of a memorial to him in Griffith, his
former consistency and a centre of marijuana trafficking, is controversial,
but it’s only been over the past 24 hours that we’ve had specific
allegations of political interference in the National Crimes Authority
investigations into Grassby – and statements from anti-corruption
fighters like ICAC founder Gary Sturgess that Grassby’s possible links with organised crime should have been investigated.

It couldn’t be that bonking yarns are easier to cover than anything where ethnic sensitivities are involved?