Western Australians are wetting
themselves with laughter over state Liberal leader Matt Birney’s
comments about the Pope – and his partner.

The neophyte opposition leader idiotically took his girlfriend on a Gallipoli junket – read more here
– and has been copping plenty of well-deserved flak. That decision,
however, was nothing as idiotic as Birney’s explanation on local ABC

PRESENTER: Matt, a final word on the partner issue has come
to us from the SMS, a gentleman by the name of Greg has sent a message
to you. He says, would you take your partner to meet the Pope, a person
who advocates marriage?

BIRNEY: Oh, you know, it’s a very hypothetical question…

PRESENTER: But it is a question from a constituent, Matt, so what would your answer be?

Oh, well, I mean, if it was the sort of function where it was
appropriate to have partners there, you know, ie if the Pope happened
to have his partner there, then yes, absolutely.

episode is even more hilarious in light of Birney’s comments to his
electorate’s local rag, the Kalgoorlie Miner, after a meeting during
the campaign with the Australian Christian Lobby. “I do feel quite
comfortable among this crowd because I’m a Catholic,” he said.

One of those Catholics who keeps up old traditions like not eating fish on Thursdays, no doubt.