Will Lynton Crosby pull off a miracle in today’s British general election – or will the Tories’ negative campaign end in disaster?

The British media is continuing to obsess about their prime minister and lies – yawn, been there, done that – so as the Poms plod to the polls we’d better give the last word on the UK campaign to Gillian Bowditch of The Scotsman:

Never mind rewriting the rules of political warfare; after this election we may have to rewrite the thesaurus. Just how many ways are there to say the prime minister has not told the truth? From Michael Howard’s bald assertion that Tony Blair is a “liar” through numerous allegations of half-truths to my own favourite, from Eric Barnes of Kirriemuir in Angus, who calls the PM a “Pecksniff”, after a character in Martin Chuzzlewit and quotes Brewster’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable: “Pecksniff: a canting hypocrite, who speaks homilies of morality but does the most heartless things ‘as a duty to society’ and forgives wrongdoings in nobody but himself”…

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