Time to be up front and honest.

I’m getting the distinct feeling that “Boys Next Door” is not a major priority ..and that it simply fills a three or four hour whole.

I’m hoping this is not the case however if it is, then it would not only disappoint me but it would make me extremely angry.

I’m a professional host and producer and my goal is to be involved in a show that reflects all of that and more.

These are my major concerns.

1 .. it’s taken three months to get some production values, and even now the two that I received weren’t produced correctly, instead of the Boys Next Door being mentioned it was SEN. Its very frustrating listening to the Melbourne based show and hearing production scattered through all of them and yet it was so hard for me to get two lousy pieces. To me that was really poor, unprofessional and an insult.

2 … My co-hosts Matthew Primus and Mark Bickley are not available every week. When this is the case I’m forced to ask for a replacement without offering any fee. To me that’s unprofessional .. it’s going to happen around ten times a year – surely this issue can be fixed. Eg. Jason Gillespie filled in for all of last week for nothing .. I’m continually telling him that we would like to secure him, but it now appears that 5AA have done that for the Ashes at least .. .. that’s embarrasing for me .. it will be extremely difficult for me to ask Jason to fill in again even if he is available because it’s not the way that should be done.

3 .. No promotion for a local show apart from generic promos on SEN. Up until now I haven’t even been able to do a voiceover during the week telling our listeners who’s on the show. Eg. “Hi I’m mark Aiston. This week on the Boys Next Door Malcom Blight etc, etc ..” fundamental stuff I would have thought, and to be frank not good enough.

4 .. the show now runs an extra hour through until 12.30.

I have told Peter Gowers that I’m happy to “give” SEN that extra hour for nicks because I’m only doing half an hour with KB instead of an hour which my contract says.

However my producer on the day needs to be given more detail about how long this will continue. He also needs to be payed accordingly. Again fundamental stuff.

5 … Dom Ronaldo is now out and about going to press conferences and using them in the local news services. However we can’t send the stuff to Melb .. isn’t that the whole point of this station to be able share stuff? What if Neil Craig resigns? .. how do we send it to Melb?

I have a view about how a sports editor should be set up in Adelaide but that’s for another day.

This is my career and livelihood and I happen to enjoy working on radio – my goal is to do it for years to come. I wouldn’t be doing my job and I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t point out these issues.

Mark Aiston.

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