Reading Crikey goes down very
badly with the Queensland Liberal Party, which is about to purge
long-standing member Margaret Krause for thought crimes. The Ambit
Gambit blog has the details here:

Wednesday 11th May will be a significant day for Margaret
Krause. It is the day she will appear in front of what she and others
refer to as the ‘Star Chamber’ – the Queensland Liberal Party’s
Disciplinary Committee.

The committee has had a revamp since it
interviewed Marion Feros, a former challenger for the presidency of the
party. Her crime was to answer journalists’ questions honestly after
her defeat, and for this the committee recommended that she be
censored. It now includes some new members, including Kathi Parer, wife
of former Senator Warwick. None of them appears to have any legal

That makes you wonder what they might do about
Krause’s crime which is to occasionally circulate emails from Crikey!,
one of which was picked up by her local paper and printed as though it
were a letter to the editor from her.

Indeed. The Queensland Liberals are political failures,
yet their office bearers have such an inflated view of their own
importance that they actually sent a proper process server around to
heavy Krause. Their hired thug banged on the door at night, torch in
hand, as Krause’s husband was recovering from heart surgery.

the Klan Khemlani continues to make mayhem, uninterrupted from above.
There are claims that the auditor elected at the Ryan electorate
committee AGM last weekend had not consented in writing to their
appointment, as required under the rules. We look forward to
clarification on this one.

There are also reports that a
Khemlani Kolleague was spotted buying a bundle of postal notes –
virtually untraceable – on the north side of the river from Ryan. Is
another membership drive about to begin?